Not every scarf comes with a 200 year old pedigree. 

The Peckham Rye scarf does.

The Peckham Rye scarf is carefully crafted in the same luxurious style as it was in the age of Queen Victoria. That means you get a scarf that combines beautiful silk knotted fringing, a unique print and hand crafted block cutting. 

Brit style never stands still, so the Peckham Rye scarf is designed to be worn to suit all kinds of looks. It is also perfectly suited both to summer evenings and to the great British weather at its raining-cats-and-dogs finest!  

Just think of it as hand crafted style designed for modern life.

Our personal recommendation is the Mailcoach - a touch of cravat and scarf knot. Just add a pearl hatpin and you have the perfect finishing touch to your look.

Like the company that created it, the Peckham Rye scarf offers enduring style that lasts the test of time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pieces purchased from our website are delivered free, we do not charge for carriage, and we ship via Royal Mail which needs to be signed for on arrival.